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Why learn Guitar?

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"Setting my mind on a musical instrument was like falling in love. All the world seemed bright and changed." 

- William Christopher Handy  ("Father of the Blues")

Guitar is an incredibly versatile instrument capable of producing a variety of tonal textures. It can be heard in most styles of music around the world and with the huge array of effects pedals and sound shaping tools at your disposal, you can emulate other string instruments such as Violins and Sitars. It is also one of few instruments that can play both chords and melody and with is plethora of techniques, it is one of few instruments with a huge range of expressive options.

Whether you want to learn guitar or anything else you will find the process extremely rewarding and challenging. Learning an instrument is much a personal journey as it is a musical one. You Embarking on this fulfilling quest provides many benefits beyond just impressing your peers such as:

  • - Increasing confidence and self esteem.

  • - Teaching discipline and perseverance.

  • - Promoting time management and organisational skills.

  • - Improving team skills and promoting social skills.

  • - Increasing focus and concentration.

  • - Improving mathematical skills as well verbal reasoning.

  • - Reducing stress and elevating depression.

  • - Bringing joy to yourself and those around you.

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