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Guitar Lessons

Dean offers contemporary electric and acoustic guitar lessons to ages 5 and up, beginners to advanced within the BuckinghamshireBerkshire and West London areas. His teaching methods facilitate your weaknesses whilst encouraging your strengths in a relaxed and positive manner.

  • Each lesson is uniquely tailored to help achieve your personal goals in the shortest time possible.

  • You can choose to learn through a recognised grade examination board or free learn

  • If the feeling of successfully learning a song or even writing your own wasn't enough of an incentive to keep you practicing, the student reward scheme will ensure your effort and hardwork pays off.

Why get a teacher?

  • While internet is great for learning, you will progress will be much swifter with a personal teacher structuring your lessons and helping you develop a practise routine that fits around your schedule.

  • A teacher will spot bad playing habits before they get so ingrained that you have to teach yourself not to do them or worse, injure yourself.

  • With a teacher you can discuss ideas you don't fully understand until you do. This way you can leave the lesson and apply the information and get to playing instead of staring at a computer screen, or a page in a book.

  • They will inspire and encourage you every step of the way and ensure your learning experience remains positive and productive.

Am I too old?

Absolutely not! Just because you're older doesn't mean you suddenly loose all ability to learn new things, you just learn a little slower. A structured and regular practise routine will get your playing to exactly where you want it to be.

To discover the benefits of learning guitar, as well as information about lessons with Dean including his unique "Student Reward Scheme" click on the buttons below...

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